travel rest pillow inflatable travel pillowThis website is dedicated to helping you find the best travel pillows for your personal comfort requirements. We do the research so you don’t have to, and provide you with the most popular options, features, helpful tips and advice when it comes to traveling in comfort. Whether you travel often or you are heading out for the first time, there are many things to take into consideration when selecting the perfect travel pillow, so we have gathered all the information and selections all in one place at your fingertips.

Travel Neck Pillow Quality – The Most Important Factor

Most would agree that one of the most important factors of travel is comfort. Because of this the quality and the design aspects overall play a major part in the comfort levels. Not only is it important to have the type of pillow that appeals to you on the outside, you also want a product that was built with quality from the inside out as well.

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Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow





Tips For Selecting the Perfect Comfortable Travel Pillow:

Quality Construction

Sometimes, this category might be skipped over or not thought of as frequently, but that is why we have listed it first. The quality of the pillow is actually the most important. When you think about it, the entire point of having a pillow is to provide you with the comfort that you currently do not have when traveling. Therefore, the quality of the pillow will be the main factor in the level of comfort you experience while your pillow is in use.


The size of the pillow should be selected to fit you for your body’s needs first and foremost. You do not want to use a pillow that is too small or to large, as that can cause your head and neck to be more uncomfortable than before. You want to look at the design and the intended use of the pillow also. Many of the designs are constructed to help with particular areas, or intended ways of use. For example, there are a few models that are specifically designed to help with those that like to lean their head to the right or left while sleeping, while other models offer more support on the upper neck area for those that like their head to be supported upright.


This is the area where most people begin, but as you know by now should come later on down the line. Once you have determined the features that you would like in a pillow, then you can move on to finding the features you would like to have along with selecting perhaps a different model style and the variety of colors the pillow may come in. Have fun with this part and get something that is a reflection of you and your style whenever possible. Sometimes, when you get the item that is going to provide you with the best benefit, you may not be able to get exactly the look that you would like, but most likely you will be able to choose a color that you like the best. Just remember the reason you are getting the pillow and then just select from the design & color options the model features.

Practical Uses

Many of the pillows available today are designed with the idea that they can be used for everyday comfort and not just for traveling. Many consumers of popular travel pillows use them when they are relaxing at home, at the beach, working on the computer, on a cruise, watching television, and any other situation where added comfort and support is desired. If you decide to go with a design option that is intended for airplane use, you might want to consider having a second pillow for other uses mentioned.

Travel Ease

One popular design feature that you might want to consider, are the pillows that provide a way for them to be attached to a carry-on or any other bag. This takes the hassle out of one more thing to have to carry around when traveling. If your selection does not feature this, you can simply get a Velcro strap that you can use to achieve the same result. Otherwise, you can simply place the pillow in bag that you are already traveling with. Regardless, remember to first and foremost go with the pillow design that is going to provide you the greatest benefit.

evolution comfortable neck pillowOur #1 Best Pick For Comfort

When it comes to one of the highest rated and most comfortable travel pillows, the Evolution Travel Neck pillow is always on the top of the list. From its features to the memory foam comfort, this pillow has everything you need along with highly satisfied consumers.

  • Memory Foam Core
  • Adjustable Toggles to wear pillow as you like
  • Removable & Washable Velour Cover
  • Compact Travel Bag
  • Raised Side Supports

memory foam travel pillowsOur #1 Best Pick For Price

If your looking for a simple comfortable travel pillow on a slightly less budget, then the Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is the best deal. This is consistently rated one of the best values for the money and features memory foam which is one the the most sought after comfort materials.

  • Washable Cover
  • Easy To Transport
  • Durable Construction
  • Perfect For Plane Trips
  • Great for Everyday Comfort

What Travel Pillow Is For You

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that your selection should be based around what you know to be your comfort likes and dislikes. Do not base your decision solely on what looks good. Instead, it’s best to select something that not only has the design and comfort features you are looking for, but that features quality construction and support benefits. Look for design elements that you know will best help the areas of your body that require the added comfort and support benefits. Your body will thank you when you provide it the support and comfort it needs, which will also make you enjoy your destination that much better when you arrive without discomfort or soreness from your travels. We hope that our research has provided you with some valuable information to select the best travel pillow for yourself, to make your travel as comfortable as possible.