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total pillow travel pillow reviewsThe Total Pillow as seen on TV is becoming one of the most popular choices & receives some of the best feedback when it comes to travel pillow reviews.  The idea behind the unique Total Pillow is that you are able to twist and bend this pillow to fit exactly how you want it to for many areas of your body.  Your neck & head, lumbar area and many others.  This pillow can be easily moved from one area of the body to the next to provide extreme comfort & support.

For travelers alike, this is said to be one of the most comfortable travel pillows because its fits right in below the base of the skull to add extreme support which turn provides that additional level of comfort.  From the stretchable micro-fiber cover to the tension easing micro-beads, relief can finally be achieved by conforming to your individual contours.

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Total Pillow Features & Specifications

  • The Total Pillow has a Stretchable Micro-Fiber Cover for comfort
  • 13inch diameter
  • 2 1/2 inch thickness
  • Filled with tension-easing micro-beads that contour to you body
  • Perfect for neck, head, ankles, wrists, lumbar area & anywhere where comfort & support is needed
  • Excellent for any means of travel comfort

Pillow Reviews

The Total Pillow is said by many to be one of the nicest travel pillows that they have ever used.  One of the main comments on this travel pillow is how many uses there are.  Consumers stated that they have used this pillow for travel on planes, cars, and trains, as well everyday uses for commutes to work and office chairs.

A few reviews stated that they liked this pillow better than the more expensive “ergonomic” options that they have used in the past.  Using this pillow to sit on has become a favorite use of this pillow as well.  The multiple uses that the total pillow provides seems to be a regular running theme of many consumers.

Many consumers really liked the idea that while they were traveling on their flight, they were able to easily move and adjust the pillow from bent in half around their neck for cradle support, to folded in half for lumbar support, and then in its original state for under their legs for support and circulation.  The versatility of this item seems to be a huge bonus.

There were a few complaints about this item.  A few consumers stated that the seams tore on a few of them and allowed some of the filler beads to start coming out.  A couple reviews stated though that they like the pillow so much a few stitches and it was back to new again.  Others stated that while they did like the use of the total pillow when it was folded, they did not find much use for it when it was in its flat original state.  They did however still recommend the pillow for numerous positive uses, especially for travel.


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Another unique review stated they really liked the shape of the travel pillow because they were able to put the pillow over the handle of their carry-on luggage, making transporting the pillow a breeze in the airport.  Overall, even with a few complaints of this item, most consumers seemed to really like the multiple uses for the Total Pillow and especially when it came to multiple uses while traveling making it one of the best travel pillows.

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